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For Cities

Integral applications of solar lighting solutions for cities and municipalities. Real solutions for street and road lighting

Discover different technologies for centralized management and monitoring of solar luminaires through IoT technologies and the latest emerging connectivity technologies in the world


Urban lighting for rural roads, plots and similar applications


Solar lighting solutions for applications in mining and other industries

Parks, Trails & Landscaping

Solutions for lighting of open spaces, with special care in the design of different luminaire and models, to achieve spaces with completely solar lighting and ambience

House & Garden

Solutions especially directed to the particular use. Bring solar technology to your home!


Discover some of our featured solutions:

Agricultural Lighting

Take advantage of the low height of the plantations, vineyards, or wide roads for the optimal use of the sun in your agricultural spaces…

Road and Highway Lighting

Efficiency, Safety and Autonomy for highways and roads Take advantage of the installation height for optimal use of the sun's energy in road…

Solar LED parking lights: Bright and cost effective solution

Increase your exterior appeal The use of good lighting in a parking lot promotes safety and its use for a longer time, improves the exterior…

road-light|separated|DS43|Dark Sky

Patton Solar Streetlight

Designed specifically for public urban use, it has degrees of protection IP67 and IK08, which makes it a perfect candidate for urbanization projects, internal lighting, condominiums and plots. Model available with DS43 certification, Chile. (Dark Sky Compliance)

SolarPower Patton Solar Streetlight
SolarPower 20W Integrated Solar Luminaire

20W Integrated Solar Luminaire

With patented design, these integrated luminaires provide the highest possible light efficiency. It has integrated high efficiency solar panels and removable latest generation lithium battery.


Solar Luminaire with Adjustable Panel

With 360° adjustable solar panel, this lighting fixture has a unique versatility that allows it to be a perfect option for almost any use! Roads, streets, roads, parking lots, condos, parks ... Wherever!

SolarPower Solar Luminaire with Adjustable Panel
SolarPower Stinger Solar Tube

Stinger Solar Tube

Designed specifically for use in particularly demanding projects -as public use- it has IP67 and IK10 degrees of protection, which makes it a perfect candidate for public, urban, municipal, etc. projects.


Spark Solar PathLight

Designed specifically for use in particularly demanding projects -as public use and in common spaces- it has IP65 and IK10 protections, which makes it a perfect candidate for projects such as public, urban, municipal parks, etc.

SolarPower Spark Solar PathLight


Read some of our featured resources:

SolarPower What is light pollution? (Case DS43, Chile; Dark Sky Compliance)

What is light pollution? (Case DS43, Chile; Dark Sky Compliance)

What is light pollution? This is a problem that mainly affects cities and occurs when the level of light in the night environment is…


Smart Cities: Connectivity is Everything

New street lighting ecosystem En the new Smart Cities, connectivity is the king. And connectivity starts with lighting. Nowadays, when…


Connected Luminaires

Data for operational insights Connected luminaires are designed to provide internal information available in standard or published data…

Solar-Power See you at SmartCity Expo Santiago 2020!

See you at SmartCity Expo Santiago 2020!

SmartCity Expo Santiago 2020 Smart City Expo World Congress is the largest congress and fair in the smart cities segment of the world. In…

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