Stinger Solar Tube

The Stinger solar lighting tube from the line for public utility and emergency from SOLARPOWER, has a totally robust and reliable design. The solar panel is independent, which allows adjusting the necessary panel size according to project and climatic details of the place. Designed specifically for use in particularly demanding projects -as public use- it has degrees of protection IP67 and IK10, which makes it a perfect candidate for public, urban, municipal, etc. projects.

Built-in LiFePO4 lithium battery and MPPT controller. It has functions of auto on and off, dimer, intelligent timer and the combination of them, reaching a total of 72 different operating modes. Built-in microwave sensor, for better performance, covering a wider coverage distance.


Solution for a wide range of applications, such as bus stops, bus stations, kiosks, warehouses, temporary shelters, camping, awnings, and many others!

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Data Overview

SP3311Stinger 18>50W18W>2200216WH92*84*600mm
SP3312Stinger 24>60W24W>3000288WH92*84*900mm
SP3313Stinger 36>80W36W>4200396WH92*84*900mm
SP3314Stinger 48>100W48W>5500528WH92*84*1200mm
Solar Charge
6 Hours
>36 hours
Motion sensor
Intelligent light discharge to the movement.
Remote control
Access to different modes by remote control.
IP67 markCE markROhS markIK10 mark
Usually with independent solar panel, and lighting fixture with integrated battery and components
Monthly Power Consumption Reduction
*Considering 12hrs use, 30 days.
C02 reduction plant
Monthly CO2 Reduction
*According to data in Energía Abierta, Chile
Easy to use
Biggest advantages

Among others, its compact design makes it easy to transport, assemble and disassemble on any surface. No wiring, connection plans, or training are required. Its IP67 and IK10 protection guarantees maximum protection for outdoor use, perfect for the most demanding projects.

SolarPower Biggest advantages
SolarPower Adjustable use and under surfaces
Adjustable and independent
Adjustable use and under surfaces

Designed for versatility, the Stinger luminaire allows trouble-free use under surfaces, with its solar panel installed elsewhere. Together with the advantages and facilities that this offers, you can install the solar panel with a connection cable up to 30 meters long, allowing you to install your Stinger luminaire under previously impossible surfaces!

Remote use
Remote Control Configuration

With its remote control you can control this lighting fixture as you wish! Together with its microwave motion sensor, you can opt for multiple variations in its operation that fit any type of project.

SolarPower Remote Control Configuration

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