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Data for operational insights

Connected luminaires are designed to provide internal information available in standard or published data. This information may include lighting power (dimmer), power consumption, on and off time, and temperature measurements, which can have an important effect on the performance and lifespan of LED lighting sources.

With a database module, servers and lighting management software can store this information for historical and report analysis. This information can be an essential element within an energy management system at the enterprise level, especially when lighting occupies a significant place within the electricity costs within the monthly budget. When you combine this with other types of data - for example, historical use information and activities in an illuminated space - system administrators can use this information to adjust the itinerary of the level of light power during days (dimmer), decreasing the lighting levels when the spaces are empty. The more information the system administrators can handle about how and when the lighting spaces are being used, the greater the energy efficiency that the lighting project can achieve.

The ability to share operational data and connection with IT networks are integrated into the electronic components of a luminaire, which comes with a small extra extra cost. But the luminaries that handle this type of technology can achieve economies of scale that in practice manage to reduce the cost of using these luminaires.

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