Parks and Plaza Solar Luminaires

Solar Parks luminaires from the line for ornamental use from SOLARPOWER, presents a cutting-edge design, totally robust and reliable. Designed specifically for ornamental outdoor use, it has IP65 protection, which makes it a perfect candidate for installations in parks, gardens, condominiums, etc.

Built-in LiFePO4 lithium battery and MPPT controller. It has functions of auto on and off, and multiple variations in models, sizes and powers.


Solution for a wide range of applications, such as parks, squares, trails, gardens, plots, ecological reserves, schools, common spaces, and many more!

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Solar Charge
6 Hours
>36 hours
Smart Dimmer (timer)
Lighting dimmer curve and intelligent energy discharge.
IP65 markCE markROhS mark
Integrated design with solar panel, solar charger, battery and lighting fixture in a single device
Monthly Power Consumption Reduction
*Considering 12hrs use, 30 days.
C02 reduction plant
Monthly CO2 Reduction
*According to data in Energía Abierta, Chile
Easy to use
Biggest advantages

Among others, its compact design makes it easy to transport, assemble and disassemble on any surface. No wiring, connection plans, or training are required. Its IP65 protection guarantees protection against dust and rain.

SolarPower Biggest advantages
SolarPower Different models
Flexibility of use
Different models

Designed for ornamental use of parks and spaces, they have the option of different models, sizes and colors, which will go hand in hand with your project.

Automatic Function
Intelligent automatic lighting control.

Intelligent automatic on and off system, following the light cycles during day and night. Based on solar, ecological and renewable energy without emission of any chemical waste, carbon footprints, or gases of any kind. No risk of electric shock to people.

SolarPower Intelligent automatic lighting control.

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