Solar Luminaires under DS43 certification (Dark Sky Compliance)

Solar lighting under DS43 certification

Although since the late 1990s the country has sought to protect the quality of the skies through emission regulations, as well as through guidelines on outdoor luminaire installations, it has been necessary to increase these regulatory requirements, in order to ensure the care of this heritage.

Light pollution in the northern zone

The privileged conditions for astronomical observation of the northern part of Chile are increasingly at risk, due to the urban growth of the cities near the observatories. In the presence of emission lines from artificial light sources, observatories require more exposure time to perform spectroscopy 8 of dim objects.

Since 1998, Chile has an Emission Standard for the Regulation of Light Pollution, which applies to the Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo regions.

This is why luminaries and floodlights with special certification are required for use in these regions.

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