Off-Grid Solar Led Lights

Solar Led Lighting Solutions

The LED technology is a fundamental basis for the efficiency, operation and low consumption of the light fixtures based on solar energy. This means that all solar lights and luminaires use LEDs as a source of lighting.

The availability of solar technology ranges from light bulbs for houses to streetlights for public use, there are several options for your requirements. Remote controlled, with motion sensor, automatic and very versatile.

Solar outdoor lighting provides the security of not suffering from power outages, being more reliable as it is not connected to the power grid.

We seek to give you the best solution for your projects, guaranteeing a simple and flexible implementation that helps create a positive impact on the community and society.


Utility Lighting for Cities

Solutions for Utility Lighting for Cities

Industrial Perimeter Lighting

Solutions for Industrial Perimeter Lighting

Functional for Rural Lighting

Solutions for Functional for Rural Lighting

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