solar-power Benefits of solar lighting

Sustainability: commitment to the environment, and sustainable design, providing light in sectors sensitive to luminosity or with difficult access to the conventional grid electricity.

Efficiency: Remove electricity bills, avoid expensive installations and wiring, in less time and without technical maintenance for –at least– five years.

Compliance: We guarantee project based design that meets the specific requirements of each client, providing the necessary lighting for your projects.

Quick setup: Get immediate lighting after your purchase, optimizing time, and facilitating its installation.

Dark Sky compliance: Minimize light pollution with directional lighting and programmed dimming, ensuring that no light (or money) is wasted.

Warmer light: Enjoy warmer white LEDs while meeting the required light levels.

Reliable and resistant: We work directly with manufacturers, creating pieces of exceptional quality, and imported directly for your project. All systems include a standard warranty of 2 years and 10 years of lifespan.

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