solar-power The benefits of solar lighting for your community.

Solar lighting can play a fundamental role in developing sustainable communities.

Sustainability is not just about being "green": it involves considering economic, social and environmental areas. The advantages of LED solar lights lie in improving the sustainability of the community that uses them, and that these can generate an important social change: light, security, recreation, economy in addition to others, generate profits in all aspects for the planet and people.

Making a Social Change

We are in a situation where we must encourage greater use and participation of recreational activities, parks and outdoor life, which also implements a favorable, safe and sustainable environment for all.

Our lights improve usability and increase the time that outdoor places such as parks and plazas can be used until after dark. Doing sports during the morning, a visit to the park, walking your pet after dinner or just a night walk becomes much more possible with adequate lighting.

Studies conducted in Mexico and the United Kingdom, determined that the prevalence of crime (number of people who suffered a crime throughout their lives) was reduced by 23 percent in areas with new lighting, and the decrease in crime incidence ( average number of victims per 100 households in a year) was reduced by 41%

Good for people and the planet.

Solar lighting uses renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, which can be attractive for people who want to be more sustainable, they have an easy, fast, safe and efficient assembly, wiring is not necessary, avoiding service interruption during installation and maintenance, which also makes lighting possible in environmentally sensitive areas.

Friendly Dark Sky (compliance)

Our solar LED luminaires are designed to protect the environment, avoiding the excessive brightness of street lights for residential use and also save money.

Today, 80% of people cannot see the Milky Way, mainly due to the increase in light pollution as our cities grow.

At Solar-Power we are committed to providing more sustainable lighting, concerned with the environment and the impact on people.

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