Solar-Power The benefits of solar lighting for your community.

The benefits of solar lighting for your community.

Solar lighting can play a fundamental role in developing sustainable communities. Sustainability is not just about being "green": it…


IoT and Climate Change

IoT solutions are helping to stop climate change The Internet of Things (IoT) is about more than optimizing our comforts with smarter…


Our luminaires

Our luminaires have a solar LED outdoor lighting system with the durability and quality that characterizes us. Designed from our experience…


Benefits of solar lighting

Sustainability: commitment to the environment, and sustainable design, providing light in sectors sensitive to luminosity or with difficult…


Smart Cities: Connectivity is Everything

New street lighting ecosystem En the new Smart Cities, connectivity is the king. And connectivity starts with lighting. Nowadays, when…


What is light pollution? (Case DS43, Chile; Dark Sky Compliance)

What is light pollution? This is a problem that mainly affects cities and occurs when the level of light in the night environment is…


Connected Luminaires

Data for operational insights Connected luminaires are designed to provide internal information available in standard or published data…

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