Solar Power is an organization of people united by the ideal that ALL, people, companies, cities, be autonomous in the generation of light and energy.

The Sun is born for everyone, and there is technology to capture and save its energy. Energy that we can use autonomously and fairly, without relying on large business conglomerates that DOES NOT guarantee us that we have the light and energy we need whatever happens

We have the complete conviction that we can be independent, autonomous and self-sustaining in the generation of light and energy, only taking advantage of that inexhaustible and renewable resource that is the energy provided by the SUN.

Can you imagine a city illuminated at night completely by solar energy, with low light pollution and a CO2 production by electricity consumption equal to zero? We do, and of course with energy from Sun.

To achieve our objective, we are committed to providing a real solution in outdoor lighting and autonomy in sectors without access to conventional energy, guaranteeing products of the highest quality and efficiency when requiring ecological solutions and low consumption. To achieve this, we have a wide range of products and solutions based on renewable energy, with which we seek to provide accessible, innovative and avant-garde options.

We live in a world with finite resources, however we behave as if they were infinite. It is everyone's job to raise awareness and take care of the predation we have made to our natural environment. Light is life... it is renewing energy. As a business group, light is what summons us and if we can, in some way, cooperate so that it is emitted without continuing to pollute our atmosphere or poisoning our natural water sources, this will be our commitment.
— Jessica López Martínez, Founder

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