15W Integrated Solar Luminaire

All-In-One Integrated Solar Luminaire for outdoors, with high efficiency, compact and elegant design from SOLARPOWER.

Anodized aluminum structure with high weather resistance, with built-in high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel of 30WP. Superior 15Ah class A lithium battery single cell (with PTC)integrated with detachable design for easy maintenance and integrated MPPT controller. It has auto on/off functions and Motion sensor. Includes mounting brackets.


Parks, Squares, Patios, Parking lots, Accesses, Trails, Pedestrian Crossings, Plots, Ecological Reserves, Schools, Common Spaces, etc., and in places where lighting is needed and sufficient sunlight arrives.

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Data Overview

SKUModelPanelLEDBatteryLumenMount. HeightDimensions
SP1204Flat Integrado 15W30W15W15Ah18004 a 6m937*197*36.5 mm
Solar Charge
6-8 hrs
1 to 2 nights
Motion sensor
Intelligent light discharge to the movement.
IP65 markCE markROhS markSASO markIEC mark
Integrated design with solar panel, solar charger, battery and lighting fixture in a single device
Monthly Power Consumption Reduction
*Considering 12hrs use, 30 days.
C02 reduction plant
Monthly CO2 Reduction
*According to data in Energía Abierta, Chile
Biggest advantages
Easy to use

Among others, its compact design makes it easy to transport, assemble and disassemble on any surface. No wiring, connection plans, or training are required. Its IP65 protection guarantees protection against dust and rain.

SolarPower Easy to use
SolarPower Next generation Lithium
Detachable battery
Next generation Lithium

Superior Class A single-cell lithium battery (with PTC) of the latest generation. Its patented detachable design opens a wide range of possibilities, not always available in this type of luminaires. With this, you can now change the battery of your device for even simpler maintenance!

Greater security
Ultra-thin design

With a new patented ultra-thin design, the integrated luminaire now has better light efficiency, better heat dissipation and better grip surface when mounting on posts and walls.

SolarPower Ultra-thin design

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