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What is the warranty of my products?

All the products we sell have a guarantee, both legal and factory. For more information, visit section Guarantee policies

Do you have shipping outside of Santiago and outside of Chile?

Within the country, we carry out shipping throughout Chile through the corresponding entrustment agencies.

The shipment must be canceled at the time of receiving the products.

For sales outside of Chile, please contact one of our executives.

What is the delivery time of the products?

First, we recommend contact us to review the stock of the product that interests you. If there is no stock, one of our executives will inform you about delivery times.

What are the payment methods?

We accept electronic transfer and we have online Webpay service to pay by debit and credit card within chile. Other doubts and international information, please, contact with our executives


Do I need an electrical specialist to install my luminaire?

No. Our luminaires feature a compact design All in one, so you simply have to mount your luminaire wherever you want. Once mounted, just turn on and you will be ready!

Where can I install my luminaire?

Our luminaires are designed to be installed on poles and walls.

What are the considerations I should have at the time of installation?

  1. Worry about installing in a place where you can receive solar radiation directly.
  2. Take into account that the luminaire should have about 5 hours of strong sun.
  3. It is recommended that the luminaire's photovoltaic panel is facing north (from Southern Hemisphere) to obtain radiation from east to west (from sunrise to sunset). If this is not possible, prefer the east, since in the morning the sun is better used.
  4. If you have an adjustable panel, an inclination of 30º (from Chile, Southern Hemisphere) is recommended when facing north. If you are looking in another direction, the setting will vary accordingly.


Do the luminaires include the pole?

No, they do not. However, we can contact them with companies that manufacture and install posts in Santiago.

How many hours does my luminaire last on?

Hours of continuous operation vary by model (and power). That said, all our luminaires achieve a minimum of 12-14 hours of discharge, with a charge of 5-6 hours of sunlight.

Do they work optimally in winter?

The luminaires are designed to use solar radiation and store it in their batteries. So they will work even 2-3 days with the energy stored. That said, it is important to note that the luminaires need a minimum of stored energy to turn on, so in extreme periods - when there is no sunlight for several cloudy days (more than 2-3 cloudy days in a row) - performance may be of your luminaire is affected. It is always important to know that this can happen during some winter days.

Can I compare 15W solar with my conventional 15W lamp?

Not. Our luminaires have a much more efficient technology than a conventional luminaire. This means that our luminaires illuminate much more per watt than a conventional light bulb (they deliver more lumens per watt). As a base rule, our technology is equivalent to 1.5 to 2 times the watts of a conventional bulb.

Can the components of my luminaire be changed?

Our products have an innovative design with all the integrated components. Each of these components can be feasible for exchange and after-sales service with original factory spare parts. If any doubts, please contact with our executives.

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